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FACTB0X - US States with Renewable Power Standards

Date: 23-Feb-07
Country: USA

The following list is not a direct comparison because the definition of renewable power varies by state.

Comparisons may not be proportional. For instance, New York requires 24 percent renewables by 2013, including large hydropower generation, which currently accounts for 19 percent of power consumed in the state, while California's 20 percent standard by 2010 does not count large hydropower projects in place now. Large US hydropower projects are considered a mature source of energy and are not significantly expanding.

The following table shows states with renewable energy portfolio standards, compiled by the North Carolina State University's Solar Center.

Iowa 105 megawatts 1983
Maine 1% more annually to 10% by 2017
Massachusetts 4% 2009
California 20% 2010
Connecticut 10% 2010
New Mexico 10% 2011
* Vermont 10% 2013
New York 24% 2013
* Illinois 8% 2013
Nevada 20% 2015
Montana 15% 2015
Colorado 10% 2015

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