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Latest Stories

Does Timber High-Rise Equal High Risk?

Date: 01-Apr-16
Author: David Rowlinson
Much of our building code has evolved from the Great Fire of London. The fire that wiped out 80 per cent of the city in 1666 led to the London Building Act of 1667 - the first that enabled surveyors to enforce its regulations. It laid down that all houses were to be built in brick or stone, with the number of storeys and width of walls carefully specified. Three-hundred-and-fifty years later, we still see construction above three storeys as risky business. But is it? Tony Arnel, global director of sustainability at Norman Disney & Young, says it's time for a change.

What's the Deal With Business Waste?

Date: 30-Mar-16
Author: Ryan Collins
What motivates businesses to increase their recycling? What are the barriers to better management? What do they see are the benefits? Our new report, titled 'What's The Deal With Business Waste?' answers these questions and examines the attitudes and beliefs of small to medium businesses and the actions they can take.

Four Eyes For Recycling

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
You might see clearly with your frames on, but it's not always clear if glasses can be recycled or not. We've found some options so your old frames can have a new life and help those in need to get optimal optics.

Give Dumpers A Lesson

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Brad Gray
Despite Australia being known for it's natural beauty some people still choose to dump waste on the streets. There are now tools to help you report illegal dumping

Have An Eco-Easter

Date: 23-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Easter is only a few hops away and we've put together some eco-tips so that your easter treats aren't the only good things about your Easter

Norwegian Project Breaks Tall Wood Building Record

Date: 15-Mar-16
Author: David Rowlinson
Norway has a long and rich history of wooden structures and boasts some wood buildings more than 800 years old that are still standing...

Advanced Waste and Resource Recovery Facilities Training Workshop

Date: 09-Mar-16
Author: Claire Grant
With support from the NSW EPA the Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA) is pleased to deliver an Advanced Waste & Resource Recovery Facilities Training Workshop to benefit waste management facility workers, waste and resource recovery educators and supervisors from across NSW.

A Tablet for Your Thoughts

Date: 03-Mar-16
Author: Ryan Collins
Tell us what you think of the website and you could win a tablet of your choice worth $750!

New Code Allows for Eight-Storey Timber Buildings

Date: 03-Mar-16
Author: David Rowlinson
Up to 25m. Up to 25% cheaper. What's changed?

2015 Australian Timber Design Award

Date: 02-Mar-16
Author: David Rowlinson
Winning With Wood - The Melbourne School of Design is a showcase of the very best that can be achieved with structural timber

Grow More With National Tree Day

Date: 01-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
National Tree Day is a fun, inspiring way to spend time outdoors with family, friends and your local community. Planet Ark and our friends at Toyota are looking for site coordinators for Schools Tree Day on Friday 29th July and National Tree Day on Sunday 31st July to help make it happen.

A Macro Look At Microbeads

Date: 01-Mar-16
Author: Rebecca Gredley
Microbeads may be tiny bits of plastic but they add up to a huge plastic problem in the oceans. Find out who's taking a stance against them what you can do to be part of the solution.


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