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Latest Stories

Become a site coordinator for National Tree Day 2014

Date: 26-Feb-14
Author: Jess McCallum
It's that special time of year when we're recruiting the important people that make National Tree Day happen across the country - our site coordinators! You've got what it takes! Find out more...

New Grants Supporting NSW Businesses to Recycle

Date: 24-Feb-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Contractors, industry advisors, not-for-profits and local governments have the opportunity to apply for grants through the NSW EPA under the Waste Less Recycle More initiative.

Top Timber Tips

Date: 20-Feb-14
Author: Jess McCallum
Most people say they are 'more likely' to choose responsibly sourced wood over other building materials when building or renovating. Which makes sense as wood is beautiful, versatile and helps tackle climate change. To help you with your next project we've put together some top timber tips. Read more...

Choosing Sustainably From Cradle to Grave

Date: 20-Feb-14
Author: Sean O'Malley
Everything we do, use or consume has some form of impact on the environment. We know we need to continually reduce that impact by using products (or services) that are better for the environment, but the question is how do we really know what is better? Well there's a special system we're shedding the light on. Planet Ark's Research & Technical Officer, Sean O'Malley, answers some of these questions. Read more...

Art From E-Waste

Date: 20-Feb-14
Author: Jess McCallum
There's recycling to reuse resources, and then there's recycling to create art - which is exactly what internationally acclaimed artist Chris Jordon has done with thousands of old phones at Melbourne's Sustainable Living Festival (16-23 February). The artwork is designed to highlight our growing e-waste problem. Find out more...

Fully Charged Recycling

Date: 20-Feb-14
Author: Jess McCallum
Each year, over 300 million household batteries are thrown away. That means a staggering 8,000 tonnes of batteries end up in landfill! The good news is there an increasing number of free and accessible battery recycling options to help cut this waste. Find out more...

NSW EPA Crackdown on Tyre Retailers

Date: 19-Feb-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Half of NSW tyre retailers are unaware of their disposal responsibilities a recent audit found...

NSW EPA Crackdown on Tyre Retailers

Date: 18-Feb-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Half of NSW tyre retailers are unaware of their disposal responsibilities a recent audit found...

NSW Workshops Helping Business Recycle

Date: 17-Feb-14
Author: Ryan Collins
Waste and recycling industry and council staff will be provided with the right tools to assists business clients to reduce waste and recycle more.

Enter the Timber Design Awards

Date: 11-Feb-14
Author: Chris Philpot

A Year For Positive Action

Date: 29-Jan-14
Author: Brad Gray
Australia has just emerged from the warmest year on record. Fires are burning around the country. And it looks like we are facing a future where events like this become increasingly frequent. In the face of these issues it can be easy to think things are too hard and to become disillusioned. But there are so many simple and effective actions you can take that have a positive impact. Read on...

How to be sweet to your local bees

Date: 13-Jan-14
Author: Zo Zhou
As more of the world falls in love with our humble pollinators, hives and bee hotels are popping up everywhere from restaurant rooftops to community gardens. Find out how your garden can benefit from a little bee friendly sweet-talking...


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