Australasian Recycling Label
Planet Ark is working with some of Australia's leading businesses to reduce confusion about recycling: The Australasian Recycling Label helps you put packaging in the right bin.

Australian Recycling Label logo © planet Ark

The Australasian Recycling label provides you with easy to understand recycling information when you need it most. In those few seconds when you are deciding what bin the package goes in. The ARL is evidence based allowing brand owners to confidently label their products, assisting their customers to dispose of the product correctly and efficiently.

The ARL removes confusion, saves you time and reduces waste.

About the label

The ARL is designed to be easy to understand. It shows what needs to be done with each piece of a package to dispose of it in the best way. The information is conveyed through a combination of well-known symbols and simple descriptions.

Each label has a number of parts and there can be up to three labels next to each other on a package. The word at the top of each label indicates what piece of the packaging the label is referring too.

A solid Mobius loop shows an item is recyclable. The clear Mobius loop shows that an item is recyclable if the instructions below it are followed. The bin symbol indicates an item is not recyclable and should be placed in rubbish bin.

Australia Post has adopted Planet Ark’s Australasian Recycling Label. Satchels can now be sent back where they will be recycled using a special shipping label which you can download now.

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Why do we need it

While most of us recycle most of the time. Planet Ark research shows that the majority of people are confused about recycling of common items. Some things we think can be recycled can't be and we put things in the bin that could be recycled if we just did one simple thing. Add to this that the labels on some packages are wrong and we end up with packaging going to landfill that can be recycled.

That’s why we created the ARL, to help people make informed decisions and turn the hard work we already do recycling into better results. The ARL makes it easy to put your package in the right bin.

How do I get this new Australasian Recycling Label on my product?

The first step for brand owners to take is to establish a robust process to establish packaging recyclability for the products they deliver to consumers. We recommend a Design for Recyclability approach to complement other packaging design processes such as Life Cycle Analysis. By designing with recyclability in mind, more accurate claims can be made in regard to recycling of packaging at the end of its life.

PREPCurrently, the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal, PREP for short, is the recommended method for evaluation of packaging recyclability that can lead to the addition of the Australasian Recycling Label to the brand owner's packaging.

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