Batteries 4 Planet Ark

Batteries 4 Planet Ark

Help us safely recycle batteries and keep hazardous materials out of landfill


What is Batteries 4 Planet Ark?

Batteries 4 Planet Ark is a recycling program for workplaces and other organisations that provides a cost-effective and accessible solution to safely collect and recycle handheld batteries. Together we can keep batteries and the hazardous materials they contain out of landfill and ensure they are safely recycled.

Find out how to join the Batteries 4 Planet Ark program.

Batteries 4 Planet Ark offers a national battery recycling service via secure, fireproof collection boxes. Workplaces and organisations can join the program to receive a box, which will be collected when full by the program’s logistic provider Close the Loop before the batteries are recycled by Envirostream. More than 95% of the materials in batteries are recovered for recycling – the steel, copper, and aluminium are returned to the manufacturing sector to be recycled, while the remaining ‘energy metals’ are turned into new lithium-ion batteries.

The program is not for public collection of batteries.

Why recycle batteries?

All used batteries pose a potential hazard to some degree – they contain harmful substances that can contaminate our environment and they can be a fire hazard. If they’re not disposed of correctly, these risks increase as the dangerous chemicals in the batteries can leach into waterways or mix with other waste streams.

How you can get involved

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