Business Recycling

Business Recycling

Helping businesses reduce their environmental impact


What is Business Recycling?

We want to make recycling at work easy for everyone.

Business Recycling is an online resource for all types of workplaces looking to be more sustainable and reduce their waste to landfill. You’ll find comprehensive recycling information and tips to create sustainable behaviour change at work using brain science. 

Business Recycling lists recycling options for 90 different materials. The site also lists baling, compacting, shredding, sorting and other equipment to make waste handling easier and cheaper for businesses. 

Why should I recycle at work?

Commercial and industrial (C&I) waste makes up a third (20.4 million tonnes) of the total waste generated in Australia, with 58% of the waste being recycled1. This isn’t because businesses and workplaces aren’t interested in recycling and sustainability. We know businesses want to help drive positive environmental change and help create a waste-free Australia. 

Before Business Recycling, there was no easy way to find relevant commercial recycling services or effective ways to implement new waste programs at work. 

The Business Recycling program fills a much-needed information gap for organisations looking to reduce their waste and recycle right. It enables businesses to tap into Planet Ark’s thought-leadership in the behaviour change space to enable effective waste programs in the workplace – Ryan Collins, Head of Circular Economy Programs

1National Waste Report 2018.

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